Silage Cover Weights

Silage Cover Weights made from tire sidewalls are more efficient than whole tires. 


Easier to handle, store in less space and don’t trap stagnant water which can become a breeding ground for insects and disease.

Clean cut from bias-ply truck tires, our 100% recycled tire sidewall silage cover weights help protect the health of livestock and profits: replacing spoiled product is expensive!

Proven to minimize air, water, mold and other potential hazards, tire sidewalls are the best choice for the critically important job of bunker silo protection.  Even though it may seem more cost-effective to use whole tires, they create new hiding places for rats, insects and stagnant water.  The cost of one round of pest removal can easily justify the investment in sidewalls!

Tire sidewalls are much easier to handle than whole tires and store in a fraction of the space.  Plus they can be kept outside.  Because they are clean cut and from bias-ply tires (not radial) they are safer on hands when handling.

Connect with WTPI to explore weight and size options.  Let us help you reduce costs and protect profits!

Tire Sidewall Silage Cover Weights in Use
Tire Sidewall Silage Cover Weights in Use
Tire Sidewall Silage Cover Weights Zoomed Out
Tire Sidewall Silage Cover Weights Zoomed Out

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