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Every year, 300 million tires end up in landfills in the US alone. Waste Tire Product Innovations is finding a new purpose for as many of those castoffs as possible in applications such as Pipelines, Power Transmission, Construction, Oil & Gas, Trenching/Shoring, Special Events, Landscaping, Environmental Remediation, Disaster Relief and more. WTPI products are diverting scrap truck tires from landfills and providing high quality cost effective products to our customers, from outrigger pads & traffic cone weights to temporary roads.

Waste Tire Product Innovations is dedicated to recycling truck tires with innovative uses. For example, our base weights, at about 24 lbs each, will prevent traffic barrels from tipping over or blowing out of position. And because you are unlikely to buy just one base weight, make sure to ask us about quantity discounts.  Another example is WTPI's Instant Roads, which are useful for more than just creating temporary roadways. They are also a cost effective and reliable choice for use as a crane mat. Instant Roads are the heavy-duty answer to creating a surface tough enough for the biggest equipment.  

We aren't just about recycled truck tires, either. Our strategy for reducing the amount of rubber being directed to landfills includes repurposing scrap conveyor belting and other sheet rubber. Small quantities can be die-cut for a variety of custom uses, while large sections make excellent ricochet panels.

As described above, repurposed truck tires can be used effectively in a great many applications, but they are particularly cost efficient in protecting surfaces whenever there is abrasive contact, and in absorbing shock whenever there is high impact contact.  A perfect illustration of this application is creating a temporary rig mat from our Instant Roads, which can be put in place in no time using a skidsteer or forklift. Moving the rig mat to the next job is just as easy. With built-in cavities, all the accumulated debris falls away as the rig mats are lifted.  

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WTPI offers a complete solution, from arranging to pick up scrap tires to designing & building the machinery we need to produce custom items.

One of our most popular products is our Instant Roads. The lumber construction materials typically used in temporary roads aren't always up to the task. When you need a temporary surface to accommodate even the biggest equipment, our Instant Roads are a more effective alternative. Used as temporary road mats and manufactured from waste tires, these mats are easy to use and quick to install - simply unfold and lay into place on virtually any surface. They protect your equipment, your timeline, your budget, and the environment.  When you need a product that can withstand the harsh outdoor environment in all weather conditions, what could be more reliable than a repurposed bias-ply truck tire? All of our products, from our Instant Roads to our traffic cone weights, will stand the test of time.  

WTPI also manufactures outrigger pads. The key to a good outrigger pad is its ability to protect not only the ground on which the machine is working, but also the equipment itself, and its operator. Starting with waste tires or conveyor belting, WTPI adds reinforcing fabric and high-strength steel to create reliable pads that are tough and long-lasting.  

Waste Tire Product Innovations has many other capabilities related to repurposing scrap tire. Challenge us with your special need!

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