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300 million tires end up in landfills in the US every year.

Every Year


Waste Tire Product Innovations, Inc. (WTPI) offsets this by repurposing every inch of a scrap truck tire.  Sidewalls can be used for Sileage Weights, Traffic Cone Bases and Rubber Fencing.  Treads can be used for laminates in dock bumpers and outrigger pads.  The rest can be chopped into mulch for playgrounds and ballistic bunkers or used to mold into new products like molded dock bumpers.

Repurposing a truck tire is not easy.  But it’s important.  Vitally important. 

And it’s work we do well.


Repurposing of scrap conveyor belting and other sheet rubber is also part of our landfill reduction strategy.  Large sections can be used as ricochet panels and smaller sections can be die-cut for various specialty applications.

With multiple locations we can work fast to deliver what is needed.  This also brings us close to enormous supplies of used tires.

WTPI offers a complete solution, from arranging to pickup scrap tires to designing and building machinery to produce customized parts.  Challenge us with your special need!

Got an idea for using repurposed rubber?  We’d love a chance to explore the opportunity!

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